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Markoprint X1JET HP Mk3 conveyor belt printer Lot Number

(2.232,00  inc tax)
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Markoprint X1JET HP Μk3



Markoprint X1JET HP Inkjet Inkjet Printer Lot Number conveyor belt printer 



The Markoprint X1JET HP Mk3 printer prints a message up to 12.5mm high. WEBER's Markoprint printers are industrial printers designed to operate in a wide range of applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, timber and other industries. The print head and control unit are mounted in a compact, compact stainless steel and aluminium unit. The revolutionary system prints accurately and reliably on all kinds of surfaces.

Depending on the version, the print speed reaches 30m/min for a horizontal resolution of 300 dpi in the Print version or 60m/min in the Advanced version. Using replacement ink cartridges ensures perfect print quality at low cost, the ability to print up to 3mm from the product and zero maintenance costs.


Other Features:


  • Maximum message length 1000mm.
  • Ink level control.
  • Logo printing.
  • Insertion of variable counter fields (Advanced version)
  • Insertion of variable date/time fields (Advanced version)
  • Barcode printing (Advanced version)


The X1JET HP printer does not require any preventive maintenance or annual service.



  • Usability

No special operator training required thanks to the simple LED control panel. Transfer of messages to the printer is done with a common USB stick or via the Ethernet port. The operator chooses between 9 messages from the printer memory.



  • Flexibility

The printer prints True-Type fonts. It is possible to print all one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes. Mounting on existing lines or packaging machines is simple for side or top printing. No independent product photocell is required (included in the unit).



  • Connectivity

Message design is done via the free I-design program. Transfer of messages is done via common USB-Sticks or via the Ethernet port.

In addition there is the possibility to connect an external photocell, or pulse generator to control the speed variation of the production line.





1. Printer MARKOPRINT X1JET HP Mk3 "Print" version
2. Support base for lateral printing
3. I-Design message design software
4. Cartridge ink cartridge Non-Porous (ink for non-porous surfaces)
5. Cartridge Ink Cartridge Porous (ink for porous surfaces)


1. Upgrade Software version "Advanced"
2. Upgrade Software version "Pro"
3. Base cost surcharge for printing from the top side