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Unwinder - Printer Plate - Rewinder for C6500Ae

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Roll To Roll Printing Solution for Epson Colorworks C6500Ae
 Roll to Roll system:  Unwinder - Printer Plate - Rewinder for C6500Ae


roll to rollRoll to Roll printing system for Epson C6500Ae printer. 

It allows continuous label printing without interruption by wrapping printed labels with the rewinder. 

With the use of the optional unwinder, it is possible to use rolls for printing with a diameter of up to 250mm to minimize the need to change roller shutters. 

The rewinder and unwinder have a base for core Φ76mm.

The unwinder and rewinder have an automatic resistance control system to work in harmony with the printer.

The optional printer plate allows the printer to be properly aligned with the rewinder and unwinder, which are screwed to its ends for maximum stability.



 Label Unwinder -  C6500Ae

label unwinder

Allows the use of larger rolls of labels for printing.

Compatible with face out rolls (labels on the outside).

It accepts roller shutters with a core of 76mm, diameter up to 250mm and width up to 220mm.

The operating speed is automatically controlled, and the unwinder can backfeed along with printer






 Label Rewinder -  C6500Aelabel rewinder


Wraps printed labels.It wraps in two directions,face out and face in (labels from the outside or inside).

Compatible with a 76mm core, it wraps rolls with a diameter of up to 250mm and a width of up to 220mm.

The operating speed is automatically controlled and the rewinder can backfeed along with the printer






Printer Plate -  C6500Ae



printer plate

For proper alignment of all devices it is recommended to use the printer plate. 

The rewinder and unwinder are screwed to its ends, and the printer is centered in a specific position, creating a complete Roll to Roll printing solution.







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