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Epson Colorworks: Color label printing - fertilizer & chemical industry

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Chemical Product Labels - Epson Colorworks Printer Series Technology

Optimize color label production & usage

Now you can very easily print color labels, tickets, for any use & under any condition, whenever & as long as you need them.

The Epson series for on-demand professional labels, annihilate the problems of unnecessary & mass consumption of labels. Forget the hassle, the delivery delays, the unused rolls in the warehouse. No more stock inventory with pre-printed rolls, delays in workflows waiting for labels to arrive, late deliveries of your orders.


 Introducing Epson Colorworks printers


Epson Colorworks C4000

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Epson Colorworks C6000

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Epson Colorworks C6500

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Epson Colorworks C7500

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Recommendations for durable labels in the chemical industry.


The C6500 printer model, with its unique resolution & print width of up to 212mm, is ideal for many & varied applications in the chemical, fertiliser & cleaning industries.

Print customised labels easily & instantly with professional-level resolution (1200x1200dpi) that is highly durable in all conditions.

Improve your workflow by choosing the CW-C6500PE, with built-in peeler for direct label removal.

epson c6500


For every industry & every application, there is a reverse EPSON COLORWORKS technology model that can make a difference, giving you the flexibility to print as many labels as you need, when you need them.

The ColorWorks C6000, C6500, C7500, C3500 & C831 series are ideal for companies printing labels that need to be compliant.
with the relevant GHS (Globally Harmonised System) standards that govern the global market, production and distribution of chemical products.