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How do we choose the right ink ribbon based on a label with a printer?

choose the right ink


How do we choose the right ribbon based on the label & printer?


Many consumers do not understand the importance of choosing the right ribbon in relation to the label we have chosen.

If we choose the wrong ribbon, it is very likely that the labels will be faded or too black. The wrong ribbon can also cause the printhead to wear out prematurely, months or even years before it needs to be replaced.


A quick reminder:

The thermal transfer printer transfers (melts) the ink onto the surface of your labels. Ribbons have a coating, either wax or resin or a combination of both (wax/resin).
Wax ribbons work best with matte paper, while resin ribbons work best with plastic labels. Glossy labels work best with wax/resin ribbons.


How we choose:

1. The first thing we do is check the dimensions.

A printer ribbon should be at least as wide as the label roll and a few millimetres wider. If it is not the correct size, it will expose the print head to the label material, causing gradual wear of the print head due to friction. You need to be sure that the ribbon you are buying has the correct dimensions for your printer, essentially whether the ribbon roll will fit in the printer, so we look at the technical specifications of our printer:

a. the maximum outside diameter of the ribbon

b. maximum outside diameter of the ribbon core (1/2 inch or 1 inch)

c. Maximum ribbon length (74-300-450)

If you are in any doubt, please call 210-6397567 or email us at [email protected]

2. Perform test with samples before printing quantity.

Get samples (we can help you with this) & print with the ink ribbon & label you need. Try to scratch the surface so as to check the strength of the print. If you are using chemicals, try to scrape the printed label text with the chemical used. Try to adjust the darkness of the printer accordingly. Set it as low as possible so that you have an acceptable temperature. Based on experience, wax ink ribbons can be printed at the lowest temperature & darkness setting while a resin ink ribbon needs a high temperature or high darkness setting.

Before ordering quantity, ask us to check & sample your labels for the best possible result in quality, durability & appearance.