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Labels for Food & Drinks


Food labels are probably the most commonly used labels. However, depending on the food & its life cycle, the appropriate label changes to ensure the quality of its printing.

Many products are consumed fresh & have a few days shelf life. Others are consumed after years in cans. The needs therefore vary accordingly.



They give your product an identity & a much more appealing look. In addition they make your products instantly recognisable to your consumers.

As far as color label printing is concerned, you have 2 options.

Α. You can either order pre-printed labels, which you will receive ready-made from us. (ask us for the minimum quantity)
Β. There is the option of purchasing a colour label machine, which are one of a kind & give you the advantage of printing as many labels as you want & whenever you need them, directly at your premises.

In case you have small label needs or are just starting out, option a is more advantageous.
But in case your needs for printing color labels have increased over the years, buying a machine will save you & time & money.
We can also supply you with a label which has a special shape or even a label which has a gold/silkscreen finish. For information, advice & to get a quote contact us.


Frozen foods are found in environments with increased humidity. If the shelf life of your product is only a few days, you can even use a simple paper label. Let us know what information you want on the product, such as codes, use-by date, weight, etc.
This type of information is best printed on a direct thermal printer.If the life of the label - product is longer than a few days, then the specifications for plastic labels are most appropriate. The adhesive to be used should also be considered & have good moisture performance.


Standard adhesives cannot withstand low temperatures. When placed in a freezing environment, it solidifies and becomes non-sticky.
You should also consider whether the label will be applied to products that are already frozen or to products that will be frozen later.
Finally, we can help you produce labels that can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius & are suitable for any type of frozen product.