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Colour label printers

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On-demand, on-site colour label printing with the Epson Colorworks range - why you need it. 

It's not surprising that full-colour packaging labels have become increasingly popular with manufacturers, distributors and electronic retailers.


Some of the reasons for this are discussed below:

  • You can make a brand stand out with the clever use of colour.
  • Clearly identify products.
  • The use of colour, especially when labelling clear instructions, warnings, etc.
  • Increasing customer demands and compliance regulations that may require the use of a specific colour.
  • To highlight important information about the contents, such as batch and date codes.
  • Hazardous material identification.
  • Colour coding. *


*  Colour coding is increasingly used to identify different types of product, to identify preferred brands and to help the customer receive and store the product more quickly and efficiently.


Three benefits of custom colour label printing


There are many benefits to switching from monochrome to colour labels.

But the ability to print colour labels on-site with your own printer, ensuring excellent/improving/professional results & on demand, gives your business 3 additional key benefits.



High-quality colour labels printed in-house are a convenient and cost-effective way to solve the problem of colour labels.

It is important to choose an industrial colour label printer that is designed to produce a high volume of labels on a daily basis, depending on your requirements.

An advantage of having your own printer is that you are not dependent on external sources and you can determine the speed & quantity at which you print and which codes you need more than others at times.

If you go ahead with the purchase of a printer that does not have the specifications to meet your existing print volume requirements, it can be detrimental in terms of performance & running costs.

Choosing a printer such as the Epson ColorWorks C7500, for example, can produce consistently high quality labels for a wide range of industries and can withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.


High-speed printing in demanding workflows
One of the key success factors in business today is the ability to get products to consumers as quickly as possible.

With consumers expecting delivery within a few days, the whole system is under pressure to ship or distribute the product on the same day as the order, if possible.

A high-speed industrial label printer is designed to meet the demands of a continuous production or continuous flow environment, and colour printing technology is a perfect fit in terms of speed and flexibility.

In the past, colour printing was slower than monochrome, but this has changed in recent years.

Colour inkjet printing is now as fast as a monochrome thermal printer& with some models reaching print speeds of up to 300mm/second.


Cost savings
The ability to print on demand offers benefits that help reduce costs & increase workflow efficiency.

Pre-printed labels often have to be purchased in bulk, which can be costly and unnecessary if job requirements change or customisation is required and new labels need to be created.

On-demand label printing reduces costs and errors while meeting your daily needs.

Using & owning a colour label printer in the workplace is a win-win situation:



With print-on-demand, you print what you need, when you need it, eliminating waste and maximising staff productivity. But at the same time, with a printer like the Epson C7500, the print head is inside the ink tank, which technically means that the "print head" lasts almost as long as the life of the printer, whereas with other technologies like thermal, the print head needs to be serviced & and replaced from time to time.


Manufacturer Approved Supplies

Using manufacturer-approved label stock ensures that the printer will perform to specification. Trying to find cheap labels will reduce the quality of the end result and affect the overall performance and life of your printer, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.


Ease of integration

Today's industrial colour label printers are designed with your needs in mind. Many come with drivers for popular software applications such as Bartender, Codesoft, Loftware and NiceLabel, along with a range of tools to help simplify the configuration, deployment and maintenance of your device.For more information on the benefits of on-demand printing, recommendations on the right solution for your business or the Epson CW-C7500, call 210-6397567 or email [email protected].